About Us

What's the Podcast About?

LezGoExperience is a travel podcast dedicated to all things food, travel, and culture across the world. Hosted by Beer enthusiasts, whiskey lovers, an astute culinarian who enjoy the beauty in traveling and exploring the globe; Char and Amerilis are a queer couple who talk about many things from road trips to local timeshare destinations, and even their experiences in resorts and hotels in various countries.

Who Are The Host?

Char is a management consultant by day and a career coach/resume writer by night. Amerilis is a Personal Chef both day and night! We're total foodies who truly love experiencing the world.

Why a Podcast?

Why not? No, but in all seriousness. We understand the hesitation that exists with traveling. Whether your black, female or queer, there is sometimes a level of uncertainty and fear of the unknown. We want to dispel some of that fear and encourage our peers to get out and see the world. Trust us, it's not as daunting as it seems!

Do I have to be married, black or lesbian to listen?

Not at all! Sure, we're a black lesbian and married couple. But we often have a guest on our show who do not fit in either of those buckets. The focus here is truly on traveling! We share travel experiences with the world, through our lens.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. Contact us on Instagram @LezGo_Experience_podcast, Facebook/Twitter at LezGoExp! Alternatively, email.